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miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010


While The Lunar eclipse occurs
I make my ritual to end all
and start again
like a rebirth

Thoughs, ideas and my always talkative head
I felt asleep
What it is there?
In my deepest truth

You visited me this time
I already sign the papers
But dont want to give it to you
I dont want to

You with your nice humor
laughing and being happy
Wish you would say no
In depth, i am afraid of leaving you

Dont want to lose you
Not even in my dreams
Go to sleep little beauty
And good nite.

ps: dedicated to beaulittle, i am sure you know, who you are!

Hey Bulldog

What makes you think, you´re something special when you smile?

You don´t know what it´s like to listen to your fears.

You think you know it but you haven´t got a clue

You can talk to me, you can talk to me, you can talk to me; If you´re lonely!, you can talk to me...

Note: Are Beatles Lines of the Song "Hey Bulldog" but in different order.

Silly Girl Waiting For Love

With the profits of my sweat, i will build you up a house

As tiny as a church, where my GOD can spent a night.

He is at everyplace of my mind, but my blinded heart

A teen girl for an enourmous GOD

I promise my lord to give my 3 precious presents:

My thoughts, my nerves and my naiveness

Work lady work

Because your GOD wont move a finger for you!

He got better things to do, that attending your calling!

You know he proved you this, with the expected and the always postponed coming!

How long you will wait?

Oh lady…

How long.

To You!

Sad to hear you are sad!
Follow your heart
And be happy.

Baterista Emergente!

Hola no lectores de esta sección!

En esta ocasión les voy a convidar que fué lo que pasó el día de ayer!

La banda E.G.O. tuve su ensayo una vez mas, pero desafortunamente el Baterista conocido por mi como chuy no se presento asi que hubo lugar a que debutara con las baquetas además de que intentara hacerlo mejor que nunca y lo digo asi por que nunca había tocado antes, me parecio genial por me gusta mucho el ego y haber participado asi me hizo parte de magia que ellos tienen, claro cabe mencionar que Harry B. estaba enfermo entonces lo de si sono bien o no, me lo creeré hasta que tenga él nuevamente el oido sano. a David Kauz gracias por darme el chance de tocar su guitarra y el Señor Renö buena canción me remite un poco a cualquier linea de Roger Waters.

Hasta la próxima.

Adios a todos.


It is not you
or what you make me feel
something is missing
But its not you

No the moments
we share
it is not your humor
or your skin

Will be expecting
for your come
not more girls tonite please
tomorrow i got all my love to give.