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martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Black Season Open!

No one really cares...


This is a very private blog, so i wont publish here to be read for the persons that normally look at this section and dont leave any comment.
I am alive and to say more wont change anything at all.
So if anybody it is interested to read it please
contact me over here
bye non readers...

lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010


A Volcano wakes up after his long sleep...
Days of a incesant activity of lava and ashes spread over Europe...
the bosses aint it happy to lose millions Euro...
Strangers gather around, sat on the floor and share the food, how generous the humans can be in hard situations.
I dont see any chaos in there...
The Eflkajokll give the mother earth, peacefull days away of the pollution caused by the traffic air.

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Also Sprach Snoop Dogg (not a Gorillaz album review)

There are on many specialized Music Magazines reviews from the new Gorillaz album, which unfortunatelly i havent heard complete and here it is the explanation: for hearing a new record and decide if its a good musical stuff or not, everyone should hear it at least 3 times, lets be objective when its heard just once, can easily say i dont like or i dont simple understand it. Oh yeah guys Music be thought!

The album opens with a Instrumental track featuring Sinfonia ViVA, that its a good start, and make a big difference of their previews records, this Band walk away from the evil that punish so many others bands today; the good old know formula, lets do it as we did on the past, guaranteed hits (that its why they sound exactly the same record after record).

Gorillaz got not fears towards the experimentation and inovation.
After the Orchestral intro that its really light and takes us sea inside, comes the real reason why i get stuck with the rest of the record: “Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach” when the mind was still enjoying all that music ensamble, then some brass give the welcome of what will lead to a tiny loop acompanied with a hypnotic Bass and the first rhymes of the best speaker (Gorillaz & the boss Dogg, Planet of the apes)

A smooth vibe till thes cymbals beat begins, which reminds me “Closer” from Nine Inch Nails.

Then organ arregment bring the Rap mood into the song, plus the same bass line and again the same smooth vibe, its just amazing pass a minute of suspence, before its listened the electrified voice of the best virtual front man 2D, sorry Gil Scott-Heron, Snoop its right! The Revolution it is already everywhere Televised.

So far everything its still the same until Snoop begans to Rap in a very easy going way, like a master surfing over a Drum & Bass section, and the incorporation of more electronic sounds: loops, beats & synthesizers the perfect example of the metamorphosis of the song. We thought we arrived save to our destination? “ Plastic Beach” a message of pollution.

Yeah tha song was played 23 times in one day in my shitty dizzle Ipod!

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Who you are

We are apart from each other
The Magic is gone...since we made us apart
I look for it in vain, new faces, new illusions
just illusions, always bring me fast to the floor
I´ll began to accept that any try, will bring the magic back
There is not substitute for you
No one else can fill the space you left.
I miss you.

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

How to kill a man!

To kill man its need lot of will!
Just never care about of his does.
To forget him as person.
Pay no interess at all.
Make good excuses as having not time.
Then he will be really dead for you.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Birds Flew In Thousand Pieces!

From above, all seems so tiny, i could think that even doesn't exit, until i see it.
I fly high in the sky, since long time i flew high in the sky, my luggage aint it heavy.
Was possible to feel myself so light and full?
For the first time i was not looking my head, just i let me be guided by her voice.
Do i have to regret to let my head forgotten, was clear it could broken anytime...
Nobody´s fault, the flight control i skipped!
How stubborn a man´s will must be...the pilot got big ears however its deaf.
call me insane, the warnings are not for me...even my security its always on danger.
Kamikaze blood!
I ran, speed up, no regrets, the destination its well known.
Ghost are left behind. i take off! Am i sure?
An Old passenger brought his beloved belongings, he is too Odd.
Hands are shaking wishes... some wants me down!
Close to stars sing me a lullaby, so i could dream about you.
I miss you, so i do adore you, but dont pretend to cover the sun with one finger!
-Ground control to Me: all its ready to land,wait something its wrong the sights around you..
+Me: I am losing focus...
+Me to the mother of the ground control: Tell my future wife: "i love her very much"
-Ground control: she knows!
+Me: I cant hold it anymore... I...
-Ground control: Can you hear me????
-Ground control: can you hear me??? can you???
-Ground control: we lost him...

A tiny black bird lies on the floor, between him and the ground spread the rest of his dreams and his brave but broken heart.
Tears fallen from my face...

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010


In a weird and chaotic December atmosphere

We meet each other once again

Soul to soul, we lie in bed.

The old good known lovers in a stormy weather

Every cell of mine ready to explode

I felt yours so undecided.

How can a pleasure hurt you?

How can I walk through you?

Did you unleash your truth?

On that night, yours lips stayed immaculate

And then I knew no effort will worth

You are gone and I am…


miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

200 Samstage

Verbrachte ich wieder einen Abend allein

Verbrachte ich wieder eine Nacht ohne Schlaf

Verbrachte ich wieder einen langen Winter

200 Samstage ohne dich

Es ist wieder ein langweiliger Tag

es gibt nichts mehr zu sagen

In den kanälen suchen

Jemand, der wie du aussieht

Und hier bin ich

Und hier warte ich

Und ich weiß nicht, warum

Ich liebe dich immer noch

Keine Ahnung, ob du mich hörst

Ob du noch hier bist

Noch die selbe alte Decke

Ich hab immer noch nicht aufgehört zu rauchen

Eine millione miles gelaufen

Es wird es wert sein es fortzusetzten

Wieder einen Winter allein verbringen

Ohne irgendetwas zu tun

Sterne im Himmel zählen

Bis es dämmert

Und hier bin ich


Und ich weiß nicht warum

Ich liebe dich immer noch

Keine Ahnung, ob du mich hörst

Ob du hörst?

Wird es wahr sein?

Vielleicht bin ich es

So zu verbleiben ist dumm

So zu leben ist dumm

Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören?...

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Unfeedback Letter!

I am the sad boy that barely times smile in his life!

Right Choices

Do this...
Do that...
Do something...
What if she...
It is better she...
Then no one is guilty!

You are not Gods.

What it is the best for her peace, life and rest?
Just let her go!


Take a piece of me and keep me in your mind!

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010


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For No One

What you expect to find?
I am Josué, There is not another like me!
I am unique.


To believe its so hard...How i get over this?
Fucking Doubts.

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010



Anna, what happened to our time?

And Anna, why can’t you be mine?

He might but I won’t let you down,

I’ll be right there if you turn around.


Anna, oh, Anna.


Stars are fading in the morning light,

Like your eyes were fading out of sight.

I’m drunk of feelings I can’t explain.

Come with me and start all over again.


Anna, oh, Anna.


Are we eventually drifting away?

Is there nothing more to say?

Tell me, Anna.

Oh, Anna.

Lyric: Maria Hilbert
Music: Gryll

Ps: lyrics based on Josué´s text.

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Ele (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 11)

You write "Love" with the same "L" of "Lies"
Ps: this is how concludes the Fiktive Geschichten series that somehow are not so ficticious...

(Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 10)

On the road to Mexico City December 26th, 2008.
111 111 111
333 333 333
444 444 444
A strange shadow´s girl behind the sun, back seats as needles in my eyes!
Girl of my heart what u gave was so thin that i could not feel it.

Stimmt (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 9)

I got such hard way to love...

And i love you so much, I cant hate you!

lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Deseando... (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 8)

Ich habe ein Mantra für dich, Ob ich dich sehe oder nicht, ich sage es trotzdem!

"Die Mantra"

Eleele Te Eme I Eme Kaerre Kaeseerre Kaeneteje.