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jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

última cosa rara del año en tiendas departamentales hay muchas prendas rojas para mujeres y hombres: calzones y brassieres. Quien dijo que son para atraer el Amor? no serán más para el Sexo, por eso el Amor nunca llega!

miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Historias Falsas IV

Hace poco tiempo converse con un policía auxiliar, esto es que no trabaja para el gobierno estatal, hablamos de la situación del país, de lo difícil que es ganar dinero y del narco tráfico.
Me dijo que como trabajador del orden él había conocido como operan estas mafias, que él de buena fuente sabia que reclutaban personal principalmente a jóvenes a quienes se les ofrecía de entrada 500 pesos diarios; me confesó que para cualquiera con necesidad esa cantidad era una gran tentación pero que a él no le importaba mucho siempre y cuando su trabajo fuera honrado a pesar que este año su sueldo subiera un Peso más, su salario diario:
150 pesos.

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Fuerza Chile

Ayer por la noche salió el último de los 33 mineros que estuvieron atrapados durante 69 días atrapados en la mina San José, desierto de Atacama. Mucho se puede decir de lo que estuvo a punto de convertirse en una tragedia, lo que es la necesidad de un trabajo bien remunerado, la falta de seguridad, lo inhumano para trabajar en esas condiciones y el ahorro del corporativismo de quienes manejan esas empresas. Generalmente vemos la situación en que el mundo se encuentra a través de la óptica de los medios de información quienes a menudo muestran más una visión pesimista de nuestra realidad.
El rescate ocurrido ayer es una buena noticia que muestra el interés de un Presidente por su población, algo bastante digno en un Jefe de Estado. Cabe mencionar que muchas tragedias se gestan en la negligencia y en interés de ahorrarse Dinero, tristemente para algunas personas es más económico dejar morir. Lo sucedido en Chile muestra que no hay nada superior a la Vida! Esta noticia nos llena de Fe, Esperanza y Amor; para tener un mundo mejor.
Dios existe y los milagros también.

domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Silly Desires

The guilty ones to bring me on the floor are the silly desires
Desires of wanting something that its deep in the ocean
Dont blame anybody, just blame i wish something unreal
To get over this i should really curse my desires.
And walk away with this curse on my back…
Nothing will change.

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Historias Falsas III (Visión 2012)

1- No podemos comprar ese coche!

2- ¿Por qué?

1- Porque es uno de los automóviles mas robados del país

2- Mmhhh….

3- Que pena que pienses así.

1- ¿Por qué?

3- Pensar así es no tener visión, por que no mejor decir “el coche no lo van a robar”

1- Tienes razón

3- Por supuesto, es mejor decir: “ya estamos en el 2010, según los mayas faltan 2 años para el fin del mundo, para entonces será muy probable que le caiga un meteorito.”

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

Love Is... [Fotoblog]

An accident
Not lust
Fear to lose
Float alone
Sleepless night
To renounce
Dreaming awake
To get lost
Fade in each other
To live
A happy face
To fool myself
A reflecting vibe
A bad decition
To treasure a moment
In vain
To watch the time goes by
A sad hello
A happy goodbye
…is what everybody need now.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Historias Falsas II

+ ¿Qué haces en la computadora?
- Hago una canción!
+ Una canción???
Y que se va molesto a su habitación.

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Historias Falsas I

Un hermano mayor le dice al menor
- Todo esto es tu culpa!
El hermano menor se queja y dice:
- No es cierto, es tu culpa!
El hermano mayor dice y yo por qué?
-Porque tú naciste primero. Dijo el menor
El mayor...Upssss es cierto!

viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

SB 1070: Living in the Irony & in the Oblivion

Arizona governor Jan Brewer proposed legislation that criminalized the illegal immigration. Some citizen of this state accuses the immigrants to be responsible for vandalism and criminality.

This law allows the police officers to make arbitrary detentions to persons to investigate if they got legal identification documents, in order of a reasonable suspicion.

Can somebody say what it’s a reasonable suspicion? Who determinate the process to make a detention?

Ain´t hard to know how? Just because of the color of the skin, when they are not white or black people of course they should be Hispanic. That it’s a form or Racism. And violates the civil rights and go against the 4th Amendment of the American constitution: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The people that it’s crossing a border between the US & Mexico just do it because in their country are so few opportunities of a good paid job or a peaceful life, away of wars and insecurity. Most of the Hispanic people go there to work, to have that famous American dream.

Arizona citizens and the ones that supporting this law in the US are forgetting their roots and don’t want to look back to see they also came from immigrants.

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010


I sat alone on a desert, think so much why my wait last so long, somehow seems I am under your curse. Sadly every light of hope I see at the ends turns into an Oasis. Why I must live thru this? I am tired and sad, that it’s why I wish to be somebody different, someone ordinary, someone that lie to everybody just because the rest is so afraid to get involved with the truth. That it’s me!

It hurts to see that I give you chances and you punish them with your indifference. I thought of when I was on heaven, that fall broke everything inside me; but how I miss to be there, that it’s why I can’t tear you off my heart. It is love? It is homesick? And trying in vain to feel me part of anybody, I wore all the masks and I still wait…I showed myself and I still wait…

Voices give a description about me even their secrets are known for me. What I must do? How bad I should be to deserve a price? How I get to be part of the game and don’t let me be fooled? I want to be loved, feel I lost myself into anybody. As the time goes by I dry out, thoughts don’t stop spinning around my mind. It consumes me, it kills me to see all these girls just to take parts of me and let me more incomplete.

Where are you?

martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Black Season Open!

No one really cares...


This is a very private blog, so i wont publish here to be read for the persons that normally look at this section and dont leave any comment.
I am alive and to say more wont change anything at all.
So if anybody it is interested to read it please
contact me over here
bye non readers...

lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010


A Volcano wakes up after his long sleep...
Days of a incesant activity of lava and ashes spread over Europe...
the bosses aint it happy to lose millions Euro...
Strangers gather around, sat on the floor and share the food, how generous the humans can be in hard situations.
I dont see any chaos in there...
The Eflkajokll give the mother earth, peacefull days away of the pollution caused by the traffic air.

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Also Sprach Snoop Dogg (not a Gorillaz album review)

There are on many specialized Music Magazines reviews from the new Gorillaz album, which unfortunatelly i havent heard complete and here it is the explanation: for hearing a new record and decide if its a good musical stuff or not, everyone should hear it at least 3 times, lets be objective when its heard just once, can easily say i dont like or i dont simple understand it. Oh yeah guys Music be thought!

The album opens with a Instrumental track featuring Sinfonia ViVA, that its a good start, and make a big difference of their previews records, this Band walk away from the evil that punish so many others bands today; the good old know formula, lets do it as we did on the past, guaranteed hits (that its why they sound exactly the same record after record).

Gorillaz got not fears towards the experimentation and inovation.
After the Orchestral intro that its really light and takes us sea inside, comes the real reason why i get stuck with the rest of the record: “Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach” when the mind was still enjoying all that music ensamble, then some brass give the welcome of what will lead to a tiny loop acompanied with a hypnotic Bass and the first rhymes of the best speaker (Gorillaz & the boss Dogg, Planet of the apes)

A smooth vibe till thes cymbals beat begins, which reminds me “Closer” from Nine Inch Nails.

Then organ arregment bring the Rap mood into the song, plus the same bass line and again the same smooth vibe, its just amazing pass a minute of suspence, before its listened the electrified voice of the best virtual front man 2D, sorry Gil Scott-Heron, Snoop its right! The Revolution it is already everywhere Televised.

So far everything its still the same until Snoop begans to Rap in a very easy going way, like a master surfing over a Drum & Bass section, and the incorporation of more electronic sounds: loops, beats & synthesizers the perfect example of the metamorphosis of the song. We thought we arrived save to our destination? “ Plastic Beach” a message of pollution.

Yeah tha song was played 23 times in one day in my shitty dizzle Ipod!

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Who you are

We are apart from each other
The Magic is gone...since we made us apart
I look for it in vain, new faces, new illusions
just illusions, always bring me fast to the floor
I´ll began to accept that any try, will bring the magic back
There is not substitute for you
No one else can fill the space you left.
I miss you.

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

How to kill a man!

To kill man its need lot of will!
Just never care about of his does.
To forget him as person.
Pay no interess at all.
Make good excuses as having not time.
Then he will be really dead for you.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Birds Flew In Thousand Pieces!

From above, all seems so tiny, i could think that even doesn't exit, until i see it.
I fly high in the sky, since long time i flew high in the sky, my luggage aint it heavy.
Was possible to feel myself so light and full?
For the first time i was not looking my head, just i let me be guided by her voice.
Do i have to regret to let my head forgotten, was clear it could broken anytime...
Nobody´s fault, the flight control i skipped!
How stubborn a man´s will must be...the pilot got big ears however its deaf.
call me insane, the warnings are not for me...even my security its always on danger.
Kamikaze blood!
I ran, speed up, no regrets, the destination its well known.
Ghost are left behind. i take off! Am i sure?
An Old passenger brought his beloved belongings, he is too Odd.
Hands are shaking wishes... some wants me down!
Close to stars sing me a lullaby, so i could dream about you.
I miss you, so i do adore you, but dont pretend to cover the sun with one finger!
-Ground control to Me: all its ready to land,wait something its wrong the sights around you..
+Me: I am losing focus...
+Me to the mother of the ground control: Tell my future wife: "i love her very much"
-Ground control: she knows!
+Me: I cant hold it anymore... I...
-Ground control: Can you hear me????
-Ground control: can you hear me??? can you???
-Ground control: we lost him...

A tiny black bird lies on the floor, between him and the ground spread the rest of his dreams and his brave but broken heart.
Tears fallen from my face...

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010


In a weird and chaotic December atmosphere

We meet each other once again

Soul to soul, we lie in bed.

The old good known lovers in a stormy weather

Every cell of mine ready to explode

I felt yours so undecided.

How can a pleasure hurt you?

How can I walk through you?

Did you unleash your truth?

On that night, yours lips stayed immaculate

And then I knew no effort will worth

You are gone and I am…


miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

200 Samstage

Verbrachte ich wieder einen Abend allein

Verbrachte ich wieder eine Nacht ohne Schlaf

Verbrachte ich wieder einen langen Winter

200 Samstage ohne dich

Es ist wieder ein langweiliger Tag

es gibt nichts mehr zu sagen

In den kanälen suchen

Jemand, der wie du aussieht

Und hier bin ich

Und hier warte ich

Und ich weiß nicht, warum

Ich liebe dich immer noch

Keine Ahnung, ob du mich hörst

Ob du noch hier bist

Noch die selbe alte Decke

Ich hab immer noch nicht aufgehört zu rauchen

Eine millione miles gelaufen

Es wird es wert sein es fortzusetzten

Wieder einen Winter allein verbringen

Ohne irgendetwas zu tun

Sterne im Himmel zählen

Bis es dämmert

Und hier bin ich


Und ich weiß nicht warum

Ich liebe dich immer noch

Keine Ahnung, ob du mich hörst

Ob du hörst?

Wird es wahr sein?

Vielleicht bin ich es

So zu verbleiben ist dumm

So zu leben ist dumm

Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören? ....
Kannst du mich hören?...

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Unfeedback Letter!

I am the sad boy that barely times smile in his life!

Right Choices

Do this...
Do that...
Do something...
What if she...
It is better she...
Then no one is guilty!

You are not Gods.

What it is the best for her peace, life and rest?
Just let her go!


Take a piece of me and keep me in your mind!

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010


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For No One

What you expect to find?
I am Josué, There is not another like me!
I am unique.


To believe its so hard...How i get over this?
Fucking Doubts.

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010



Anna, what happened to our time?

And Anna, why can’t you be mine?

He might but I won’t let you down,

I’ll be right there if you turn around.


Anna, oh, Anna.


Stars are fading in the morning light,

Like your eyes were fading out of sight.

I’m drunk of feelings I can’t explain.

Come with me and start all over again.


Anna, oh, Anna.


Are we eventually drifting away?

Is there nothing more to say?

Tell me, Anna.

Oh, Anna.

Lyric: Maria Hilbert
Music: Gryll

Ps: lyrics based on Josué´s text.

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Ele (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 11)

You write "Love" with the same "L" of "Lies"
Ps: this is how concludes the Fiktive Geschichten series that somehow are not so ficticious...

(Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 10)

On the road to Mexico City December 26th, 2008.
111 111 111
333 333 333
444 444 444
A strange shadow´s girl behind the sun, back seats as needles in my eyes!
Girl of my heart what u gave was so thin that i could not feel it.

Stimmt (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 9)

I got such hard way to love...

And i love you so much, I cant hate you!

lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Deseando... (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 8)

Ich habe ein Mantra für dich, Ob ich dich sehe oder nicht, ich sage es trotzdem!

"Die Mantra"

Eleele Te Eme I Eme Kaerre Kaeseerre Kaeneteje.

sábado, 31 de julio de 2010

Ficticious Life (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 7)

Wrapped and cruxified around your neck

From this heaven i look at your pink vanilla nipples

My back get the coldness of your chest

Why are we cursed to look for a half to feel us like one?

Public or Privat no one knows

All its fake

I did a mistake....

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Dont dare to shut me up

You don´t rule over me.

Sin Titulo (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 6)

Creo primero en el diablo, antes que en una promesa!

Liebe (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 5)

Qué es el Amor?

Es una esperanza que cuelga de mi cuello.

viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Liebe (Fiktive Geschichten: Teil 4)

Liebe ist ein Mix Tape!

(Just like) Starting Over - John Lennon

By Starlight - The Smashing Pumpkins

Capricho - Babasónicos

Crema de Estrellas - Soda Stereo

Eres - Café Tacvba

Halt mich - Herbert Grönemeyer

Mi Playa - Ely Guerra

Regresa (Demo) - Chetes

Remember - Callrider & Barca Baxant

Schwarz auf Weiß - Max Mutzke

Temptation - Moby

Vivo - Fobia

ps: there its not more a page to make a mixtape, but if anyone its interested let me know it, and i pass the songs =P

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

The Tale

In a very quiet evening, something knocked my window
i was so amazed, God always provides
God sent me a sweet devil!
Because i am a sinner.
This devil punished me with the lovely smile
My heart it is in flames. Of one thing i am sure
from that beautiful hell, i never want to go out.

ps: thanks Natalie.

999 Words (9.9.2009)

Today many couples are getting married, beliefs that in this special date something will make them last forever; love, happiness, big expectations, all those nice feelings around! They married today because they are sure some possitive energy will embrace their future.
Among them are also other things that are important too, and are always presents not only at special or significant days. These are the "words" we use everytime since we learned speaking, and we never use the silence which should be more usefull. How many of us regret not to take a breath, hold our feelings and say nothing?
Words come really easy, can say more of what we really want, hurt our beloved ones, and start a long list of promises...that somehow will never make them. so pay attention when you say a word, dont open the mouth to throw energy that easily and most important if you say something bad, say sorry, regret and fix the damage and if you made promise, keep your word!
So to the newlyweds also lot of fortune.


I have seen it all but now,

I dont see you anymore.

jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Things I Love & Hate

I love myself - I hate drugs
I love you - I hate to hate you
I love the girls - I hate non talkative persons
I love the girl i like say my name - I hate liars
I love rainy days - i hate days with so much heat
I love art - I hate misunderstandings
I love music - i hate bands without a good music taste
I love my guitars - I hate virtuous guitarists without emotion
I love Mexico - I hate US lifestyle
I love Germany - I hate racism
I love to travel - I hate to wait for an answer
I love my Mamas - I hate autoritarism
I love you read this - I hate you read it and dont comment it.


An old man said, old times were better...
A young 32 year old man dies...
A baby say thanks...

ps: got double meanings!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is death!

Everybody speaks about the great artist.
the price he paid was having not childhood, and that its really a shame.

ps: whatever he might have been, he is dead please respect the deaths!

miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010


Mi corazón muerde, pero yo no lo dejo hablar!


My Dear...!!!
Finally Sadness has paid off well!
Ononoff really got me fucked for so long but really fucked, my last days havent been so easy i was really sad, angry, annoyed, all except happy.
Even i felt some mins ago that something is dying in me. (so we have to hurry up before i really die)
I wanted to learn...but was too much noise in the house, so i came back to my room and took the guitar and finally really finally ononoff its complete (got a soul but need a body), nothing was cutted everything its the same.
tomorrow i will record it! and send u the demo when u r online!
i am so happy!
good morning Germany!


Da verdadera tristeza no encontrar por mi camino una aventurera!
Todas muy felices y contentas en su zona cómoda!
De que sirve la espera, la paciencia y la tolerancia?
Dónde está la pasión?

Objetos de Deseo!

Sin querer tengo algo que he anhelado mucho…Es así como funcionan los milagros?

Dios o El universo da muestra de su magnificencia, es una bofetada en la mejilla de un hombre incrédulo. Se que padezco de Fe y muy a menudo reniego de todo y de todos. No creí que tuviera tanta suerte y mucho menos que la recompensa obrara así de rápido y con tal mensajero, no lo digo por él sino porque fue el más insospechado!

He aquí las prueba que me hicieron feliz!

jueves, 15 de julio de 2010


Lunes, abril 27, 2009

Hi everybody!

If i wrote a future blog will means that influenza havent killed me yet!

Wait a moment influ what?

No way… its just anoying to live in this state, its really so fucking unbelivable how the media manipulate the minds, yeah the TV its the real motherfucker Rock n Roll Star, its the one who got the hottest chicks, the one who gets the Money and yeah the one who talk to masses. Oh yeah we are all ears when the Tv speaks.

Fuck Fuck Fuck…Fuck; just went to buy some food at the supermarket and gosh i never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life, everybody was wearing their Surgical masks. I do love horror films but never crossed my mind that someday i will be part of one. All those fucking zombies dont eat brains instead that, avoid to kiss, hug, talk and even say hello to the walking bad brains without Surgical masks.

If i ask to those horrorized zombies to tell me what is a virus for sure barely of them will give the right answer! That proves fear sells well, Wars kills, Atomic Bombs will kill us all, drink and smoke will kills us slowly, Ignorance its a weapon of mass destruction. We havent move our fingers, because Tv has not dictated us that yet.

I dont doubt this virus can kill a man, but hate the fact to manipulated and hate even more to know i lost my chance to be a millionaire, damm it in every drug store this surgical masks are sold out, fuck again! And answer me this, if aids kills why in the mexican drugstores condoms are not sold out?

What its behind this epidemy? Tomorrow will be pay more taxes? Another Fraud will be exposed? we will be governed by a crimal?, or even better the aliens will finally land here?
God was forced to close his house doors, so sad...hahaha.

Cant imagine the streets of the most crowed capital in the world are nearly empty.

I will stay locked in my house, i wont go out because everybody out there its complety paranoid.

Ps: check thet videos!

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Gott segne die Würmer

Gott segne die Würmer
Die meine Augen fressen werden
Die meine Zähne säubern werden
Wenn ich nicht mit dir sprechen kann.

Gott segne die Würmer
Die wissen werden, was ich fühle
Weil sie mich von innen sehen
und sie werden mein Herz sehen

Sie werden Lieder für mich singen, wenn ich traurig bin
und werden lachen, wenn ich ihnen einen Witz erzähle.

Gott segne die Würmer
Welche meine Gesellschaft sein werden
Die mir die Hände waschen
wenn ich sie im Leben beschmutze.

Gott segne sie
Gott segne sie

Sie werden Lieder für mich singen, wenn ich traurig bin
und werden lachen, wenn ich ihnen einen Witz erzähle.

Gott segne sie
Gott segne sie


ein Traum ist nicht allein gebaut!


Frankenberg, Deutschland

Comparto la cama contigo
Comparto la cama contigo
A quien encuentro tan bella y ajena
Comparto la cama conmigo mismo
Comparto la cama contigo
A quien veo y no reconozco
Comparto la cama contigo
El Viento vino y nada dijo
Comparto la cama contigo.

Chinesse Money

Hola no lector!
Despues de mucho tiempo, aqui va un nuevo blog algo que pasa mientras viajaba. Una vez ya estando encerrado, listo y disfrutando el sonido de las turbinas a traves del aire, despues del profundo suspiro y de la mirada incredula, eche un vistazo para encontrarme con aquella revista que si a su bien sigue el paso del mundo estaba escrita tambien en ingles, no solo en aleman, hasta ahi iba todo bien... de repente la seccion musical para volar, no habia ninguna soda stereo esto habria sido mas apropiado, clasica, exitos del pop mundial, musica asiatica, africana, opera, latina?????? una seccion racista por que como latinos que somos no hay ninguna cancion de Mexico. todo era de Guatemala hasta tierra de Fuego o Guatepeor, no es que me moleste escuchar a mis camaradas latinos, pero no puede evitar sentirme segregado, sobre todo cuando se que el vuelo se hizo desde un lugar con mucha cultura, donde la gente vive al dia, y a todo le pone su mas grande empeno.
Pais en vias de desarrollo? no me vengan con otro chiste, con una rara denominacion en vias de darnos esperanzas, de que alguna vez seamos parte de una Elite que cada vez da mas asco. Al sur del Rio Bravo mis ojos ven ingles, en las nubes de America hacia Europa mis ojos vieron Mandarin, traducido al Aleman.
Papeles y metales son para mi solo un instrumento, deseo que para ustedes algun dia tambien!
ps: esta puta computadora no tiene (N) ni acentos, perdon!

viernes, 9 de julio de 2010


Of them why 12 division stay? Its old and still marks, do they were not interessted in it? because they could have been taken also. or simply they did not notice was not from here, was black and old.

Strange to think the black leather was also not seen, have not hurry, so why it is wrapped around me? Do the warm blood protected it?, or just some far vibe still remains?

My anti thoughts was stolen, my job too.

Kiss at my back from silver knife, kiss in my neck from silver knife = I AM ALIVE.

Now i think, i think and got not answer why so far things still remains...


Ich habe ein Mantra für dich, Ob ich dich sehe oder nicht, ich sage es trotzdem!

"Die Mantra"

Eleele Te Eme I Eme Kaerre Kaeseerre Kaeneteje.

Richard Wright 16.9.2008

Today God rocks, because today there is "Great Gig in the Sky"

Rest in peace and remember that your music will always

"Shine" on the "Dark Side of the Moon"


miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Tiempo de Cambios!

Hoy quiero compartir, algo maravilloso que está sucediendo, tal vez tú no lo hayas notado pero tomate un tiempo fuera de la vorágine del día a día.

Hace unos pocos años atrás, un grupo llamado The Smashing Pumpkins, se canso y rindió ante el Pop, simplemente se detuvieron para decir adiós, lo único que quedo de aquella despedida fue un álbum que a muy agrado de sus fans fue gratis.

Ahora un tiempo después Radiohead quien afortunadamente no se separa aún, también regalo un álbum a través de la red, Quien no se maraville por esto, simplemente uno se da cuenta que nuestra sociedad está cambiando gradualmente para mejor.

Antes quienes dependían de una disquera para obtener regalías por sus trabajos, ahora han decidido compartir la alegría de su diario hacer, lo que vemos estos días es "la desvalorización del dinero", ya nos estamos quitando esas cadenas, volvemos poco a poco a apreciar que no hay nada mejor que compartir, sin esperar más que la felicidad de aquellos a quienes damos.

Hoy es un gran día

Siendo Feliz En El Sueño

Que más puedo decir?

Te ví, Te senti, me hiciste reir con tu humor, todo esto otra vez!

Las extraño y las quiero mucho!

Gracias por esa noche


Out Of The Record!

Do ... remember ... . .... .... from there?
....... . .... want .. .... worries .. .... times .. ..
... ...... loves.
I ... ... first ... .... never ...... .. come ....!

viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Qué es el mal?

Para muchos otro se dirá el mal es el otro, ó como alguna vez alguien cito: "El infierno es el otro", con algo de experiencia pensé acerca de ese infierno y esa criatura del mal, Don Satanás!

Será él quien habita a todas esa personas y sale el momento en que uno menos le espera?

Ayer sin querer escuche una pareja de jóvenes comentar algo acerca de su futuro en amor, ella le dijo mira mejor nos casamos por el civil, vivimos juntos un tiempo y si vemos que ya funciona, nos casamos por la iglesia, segurito Ella no era ella, sino Satanás hablando por cada célula suya, además solo él dejaría para último invitado a Jesús.

En fin su Diablo si viste Prada, habita en cada uno de nosotros que tristemente no lo reconocemos cuando habla. Y lo peor del caso que una cosa es decir y otra obrar, sin duda le obramos y mucho. Quienes somos cuando supuestamente estamos tranquilos? De verdad sabemos que es lo que estamos diciendo? Por qué culpar a tan inocente personaje de nuestro actuar, cuando lo único que hace es ser fiel a su naturaleza, no está el mal afuera, ni en los demás. Sin embargo somos su hogar, él marca las pautas, las tendencias y sale sin pedir más a defendernos de nuestros propios miedos a través del control.

Nadie pregunta Quieres nacer? Quieres morir? Solo sucede, si la vida es así, por qué mejor no aprendo a domesticar a mi Diablo y le quito el control y suelto mis miedos.

El Diablo soy yo y nadie más.

jueves, 1 de julio de 2010

In Love Of A Villain

Oh no! You are still alive

However you murder

Your cruel smile

The perfect doing

I do….you

Who believes you that

Me not!

It is just confusing

You got my head dizzy

My heart twisted

Your Art it is just great

Your talent got not comparison

You are a Genious and redefined the slowly torture

You love to kill

If I were you

I kill love

That it is exactly what you do

I tie myself

My beautiful executioner, don’t hurry up

I die

We died in 8

We will die 8 again

We die my love, we die!

Beauty Sad Day!

After dreaming of you, feeling happy and then confused i noticed the day!

The weather its one of my favourites, blue skies, not single could but cold

Its a beauty sad day...

Divine Order

There goes another Moon and sadly everything it is still the same
How can i lock my eyes in her heart? and let myself lost
Divine order
How the drowned screams of my heart can reach her? and let me fade away
Divine order
I stand a flag, but no wind blows
Divine order
I choose this way
Here comes another Sun, but my happiness does not come yet.

miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010


While The Lunar eclipse occurs
I make my ritual to end all
and start again
like a rebirth

Thoughs, ideas and my always talkative head
I felt asleep
What it is there?
In my deepest truth

You visited me this time
I already sign the papers
But dont want to give it to you
I dont want to

You with your nice humor
laughing and being happy
Wish you would say no
In depth, i am afraid of leaving you

Dont want to lose you
Not even in my dreams
Go to sleep little beauty
And good nite.

ps: dedicated to beaulittle, i am sure you know, who you are!

Hey Bulldog

What makes you think, you´re something special when you smile?

You don´t know what it´s like to listen to your fears.

You think you know it but you haven´t got a clue

You can talk to me, you can talk to me, you can talk to me; If you´re lonely!, you can talk to me...

Note: Are Beatles Lines of the Song "Hey Bulldog" but in different order.

Silly Girl Waiting For Love

With the profits of my sweat, i will build you up a house

As tiny as a church, where my GOD can spent a night.

He is at everyplace of my mind, but my blinded heart

A teen girl for an enourmous GOD

I promise my lord to give my 3 precious presents:

My thoughts, my nerves and my naiveness

Work lady work

Because your GOD wont move a finger for you!

He got better things to do, that attending your calling!

You know he proved you this, with the expected and the always postponed coming!

How long you will wait?

Oh lady…

How long.

To You!

Sad to hear you are sad!
Follow your heart
And be happy.

Baterista Emergente!

Hola no lectores de esta sección!

En esta ocasión les voy a convidar que fué lo que pasó el día de ayer!

La banda E.G.O. tuve su ensayo una vez mas, pero desafortunamente el Baterista conocido por mi como chuy no se presento asi que hubo lugar a que debutara con las baquetas además de que intentara hacerlo mejor que nunca y lo digo asi por que nunca había tocado antes, me parecio genial por me gusta mucho el ego y haber participado asi me hizo parte de magia que ellos tienen, claro cabe mencionar que Harry B. estaba enfermo entonces lo de si sono bien o no, me lo creeré hasta que tenga él nuevamente el oido sano. a David Kauz gracias por darme el chance de tocar su guitarra y el Señor Renö buena canción me remite un poco a cualquier linea de Roger Waters.

Hasta la próxima.

Adios a todos.


It is not you
or what you make me feel
something is missing
But its not you

No the moments
we share
it is not your humor
or your skin

Will be expecting
for your come
not more girls tonite please
tomorrow i got all my love to give.