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martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Birds Flew In Thousand Pieces!

From above, all seems so tiny, i could think that even doesn't exit, until i see it.
I fly high in the sky, since long time i flew high in the sky, my luggage aint it heavy.
Was possible to feel myself so light and full?
For the first time i was not looking my head, just i let me be guided by her voice.
Do i have to regret to let my head forgotten, was clear it could broken anytime...
Nobody´s fault, the flight control i skipped!
How stubborn a man´s will must be...the pilot got big ears however its deaf.
call me insane, the warnings are not for me...even my security its always on danger.
Kamikaze blood!
I ran, speed up, no regrets, the destination its well known.
Ghost are left behind. i take off! Am i sure?
An Old passenger brought his beloved belongings, he is too Odd.
Hands are shaking wishes... some wants me down!
Close to stars sing me a lullaby, so i could dream about you.
I miss you, so i do adore you, but dont pretend to cover the sun with one finger!
-Ground control to Me: all its ready to land,wait something its wrong the sights around you..
+Me: I am losing focus...
+Me to the mother of the ground control: Tell my future wife: "i love her very much"
-Ground control: she knows!
+Me: I cant hold it anymore... I...
-Ground control: Can you hear me????
-Ground control: can you hear me??? can you???
-Ground control: we lost him...

A tiny black bird lies on the floor, between him and the ground spread the rest of his dreams and his brave but broken heart.
Tears fallen from my face...

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