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viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Also Sprach Snoop Dogg (not a Gorillaz album review)

There are on many specialized Music Magazines reviews from the new Gorillaz album, which unfortunatelly i havent heard complete and here it is the explanation: for hearing a new record and decide if its a good musical stuff or not, everyone should hear it at least 3 times, lets be objective when its heard just once, can easily say i dont like or i dont simple understand it. Oh yeah guys Music be thought!

The album opens with a Instrumental track featuring Sinfonia ViVA, that its a good start, and make a big difference of their previews records, this Band walk away from the evil that punish so many others bands today; the good old know formula, lets do it as we did on the past, guaranteed hits (that its why they sound exactly the same record after record).

Gorillaz got not fears towards the experimentation and inovation.
After the Orchestral intro that its really light and takes us sea inside, comes the real reason why i get stuck with the rest of the record: “Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach” when the mind was still enjoying all that music ensamble, then some brass give the welcome of what will lead to a tiny loop acompanied with a hypnotic Bass and the first rhymes of the best speaker (Gorillaz & the boss Dogg, Planet of the apes)

A smooth vibe till thes cymbals beat begins, which reminds me “Closer” from Nine Inch Nails.

Then organ arregment bring the Rap mood into the song, plus the same bass line and again the same smooth vibe, its just amazing pass a minute of suspence, before its listened the electrified voice of the best virtual front man 2D, sorry Gil Scott-Heron, Snoop its right! The Revolution it is already everywhere Televised.

So far everything its still the same until Snoop begans to Rap in a very easy going way, like a master surfing over a Drum & Bass section, and the incorporation of more electronic sounds: loops, beats & synthesizers the perfect example of the metamorphosis of the song. We thought we arrived save to our destination? “ Plastic Beach” a message of pollution.

Yeah tha song was played 23 times in one day in my shitty dizzle Ipod!

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