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jueves, 15 de julio de 2010


Lunes, abril 27, 2009

Hi everybody!

If i wrote a future blog will means that influenza havent killed me yet!

Wait a moment influ what?

No way… its just anoying to live in this state, its really so fucking unbelivable how the media manipulate the minds, yeah the TV its the real motherfucker Rock n Roll Star, its the one who got the hottest chicks, the one who gets the Money and yeah the one who talk to masses. Oh yeah we are all ears when the Tv speaks.

Fuck Fuck Fuck…Fuck; just went to buy some food at the supermarket and gosh i never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life, everybody was wearing their Surgical masks. I do love horror films but never crossed my mind that someday i will be part of one. All those fucking zombies dont eat brains instead that, avoid to kiss, hug, talk and even say hello to the walking bad brains without Surgical masks.

If i ask to those horrorized zombies to tell me what is a virus for sure barely of them will give the right answer! That proves fear sells well, Wars kills, Atomic Bombs will kill us all, drink and smoke will kills us slowly, Ignorance its a weapon of mass destruction. We havent move our fingers, because Tv has not dictated us that yet.

I dont doubt this virus can kill a man, but hate the fact to manipulated and hate even more to know i lost my chance to be a millionaire, damm it in every drug store this surgical masks are sold out, fuck again! And answer me this, if aids kills why in the mexican drugstores condoms are not sold out?

What its behind this epidemy? Tomorrow will be pay more taxes? Another Fraud will be exposed? we will be governed by a crimal?, or even better the aliens will finally land here?
God was forced to close his house doors, so sad...hahaha.

Cant imagine the streets of the most crowed capital in the world are nearly empty.

I will stay locked in my house, i wont go out because everybody out there its complety paranoid.

Ps: check thet videos!

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