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lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

999 Words (9.9.2009)

Today many couples are getting married, beliefs that in this special date something will make them last forever; love, happiness, big expectations, all those nice feelings around! They married today because they are sure some possitive energy will embrace their future.
Among them are also other things that are important too, and are always presents not only at special or significant days. These are the "words" we use everytime since we learned speaking, and we never use the silence which should be more usefull. How many of us regret not to take a breath, hold our feelings and say nothing?
Words come really easy, can say more of what we really want, hurt our beloved ones, and start a long list of promises...that somehow will never make them. so pay attention when you say a word, dont open the mouth to throw energy that easily and most important if you say something bad, say sorry, regret and fix the damage and if you made promise, keep your word!
So to the newlyweds also lot of fortune.

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