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miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010


My Dear...!!!
Finally Sadness has paid off well!
Ononoff really got me fucked for so long but really fucked, my last days havent been so easy i was really sad, angry, annoyed, all except happy.
Even i felt some mins ago that something is dying in me. (so we have to hurry up before i really die)
I wanted to learn...but was too much noise in the house, so i came back to my room and took the guitar and finally really finally ononoff its complete (got a soul but need a body), nothing was cutted everything its the same.
tomorrow i will record it! and send u the demo when u r online!
i am so happy!
good morning Germany!

2 comentarios:

  1. Josue,ich mache mir mehr und mehr Sorgen um dich!
    Viele Liebe grüße Ger-mam

  2. keine sorge mama
    mir gehts gut und das war eine alte blog!
    lg aus mexiko
    ps: hast du meine mail bekommen?