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miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010


I sat alone on a desert, think so much why my wait last so long, somehow seems I am under your curse. Sadly every light of hope I see at the ends turns into an Oasis. Why I must live thru this? I am tired and sad, that it’s why I wish to be somebody different, someone ordinary, someone that lie to everybody just because the rest is so afraid to get involved with the truth. That it’s me!

It hurts to see that I give you chances and you punish them with your indifference. I thought of when I was on heaven, that fall broke everything inside me; but how I miss to be there, that it’s why I can’t tear you off my heart. It is love? It is homesick? And trying in vain to feel me part of anybody, I wore all the masks and I still wait…I showed myself and I still wait…

Voices give a description about me even their secrets are known for me. What I must do? How bad I should be to deserve a price? How I get to be part of the game and don’t let me be fooled? I want to be loved, feel I lost myself into anybody. As the time goes by I dry out, thoughts don’t stop spinning around my mind. It consumes me, it kills me to see all these girls just to take parts of me and let me more incomplete.

Where are you?

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