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domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Happy Xmas

Today i would have like to be a bit Optimistic and nice but that it's life and to be honest what the hell i can do against the things and situations i don't like? I can't do anything, that it's the true!
About True..Mmhhh My Granny always mentioned a "Good Boy" say always the true, doesn't matter how difficult or hard it's to say it! But Granny, i love you so much and don't wanna doubt about what you had told me, it's just that i don't think "Saying the True" brings, good results, indeed it is not possible to be honest the whole time, i began to feel like a criminal and the witness at the same time.
Wooow cool now I've got Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside me!
1.- Say the True doesn't guarantee any benefit.
2.- Say the True would bring you a big problem. (here i am not talking about be responsible) 3.- The True is that i hate to make myself clear, so i dont explain you anything!
4.- And the True is...that you can never tell to True to everybody!

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